From Selfish to Serving

Everyone can tell this guy has an ego. It surrounds him like a cloud, an aura of arrogance, obvious yet uncommented-upon by most. It is only with her, in the presence of this magnificent creature, that his ego is under control. Under Her control.

His energy is focused and contained in her presence. His initial instinct to ask and be served is transformed to that of a servant and one who waits to be asked. Not speaking without being spoken to, not touching without permission. An obedient boy. A polite butler with special privileges and attention, attention paid only when his duties are performed correctly and to the satisfaction of his Mistress. Indeed, to the pleasure of his Mistress, the head of his house.

She with such power is the epitome of importance. None can be happy when Mistress is unhappy. This is not a cliché in his life. It is his reality, and it is within this reality that he finds happiness and contentment. The lack of decisions to make is freeing. Nothing matters except what Mistress asks. 

The greatest ego does the most good from a little containment, and even some squashing. Humble people have better manners and express more gratitude to the world around them. He will soon be quite humbled, even surprised at the shift of his own desires.

Desires once driven solely by lust or selfish arrogance are replaced by those that She expresses in her precious communiques, of which there are many. He collects and treasures all tidbits, his mental directory expanding to accommodate Her likes, needs, wants, laughs, fears, and—with time and trust—Her  vulnerability. He does not take this for granted. He is Her devotee, admirer, and loyal pet. 

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