My Pleasure is Your Pleasure


Domme/sub relationships parallel sexual ones. My best lovers always work to please me. Food and entertainment often come into play, much to my delight. In bed, my partner listens to my moans and squeaks, reads the convulsions of my body that mean he is doing something right. He looks for signs of my full satisfaction before completely satisfying himself. Giving me pleasure gets him off. Providing for me is a pleasurable experience, one not relegated to the bedroom.

I enter all male interaction armed with this knowledge. I use their desires to achieve My own satisfaction, whatever type of pleasure I may be seeking.  When I am in charge in private, I will likely allow stimulation of that thing between his legs in order to create pathways between what I want and what he thinks he wants. That's what he wants right now. Soon, he will be scouring my web pages to learn more about me and filing away details of our conversations. He will think of ways to make me happy without needing orders. My attention is motivation enough. He wants whatever I want.

My pleasure is his pleasure.

Adah VonnBDSM, Slave Training