Adah & the City

Even after growing up a mere 3 hours from Manhattan, l still get a thrill every time I hop on the highway and signs proclaim "South: NEW YORK CITY.” The city is obviously legendary, regardless of why. Its constant energy is both motivating and exhausting. While I love the opportunities and the glitz, I’m a homebody who really likes not sharing walls with strangers, so commute I do.

I was intimidated by it all when I was young, but now being in NYC makes Me powerful. I feel like I am a part of the city and its flow; I AM New York. Paloma Faith described her best: "She poured the power / A diamond girl who could talk for hours," a girl who steals men's hearts without trying. For most of My life I have performed onstage and always been told I have "presence." Once you meet Me, you'll understand. Just step onto 5th Avenue or into a Broadway theatre: New York is old-school, cutting edge, class, charm, showing off, being special within a mob, flash & dazzle, subtle nuances...Take it in. Brave the bold.

To be more literal, I now adore the opportunities the city presents, like:

  • The best pizza & upscale restaurants

  • Public play opportunities with subs wherever, whenever (you don't know anyone, they’re too busy to care.)

  • Rooftop garden bars & underground parties

  • Getting to spend time with other successful people & empowered FemDommes

  • The fine arts in all their forms: museums, ballet, theatre, the opera or the symphony :shivers: I get chills just thinking about an overture!

  • Shopping for anything you can imagine, from designer apparel to flowers to fabric

It's hard to deny the benefits of accessing the big apple. As a theatre lover, it’s hard to find a place with a wider variety of shows in such close proximity. Friends from school invite Me to their found-space performances and 1920’s revivals. A devoted sub once got Me two tickets to Miss Saigon: one for Mistress Darcy and one for Myself. Perhaps the best gift I have recieved yet, this sort of creativity & thoughtfulness goes far with Me.

Be good

xx Miss Vonn

I make My way to Manhattan & Queens when I have good reason. I am not currently holding regular session days, but an appointment is easily arranged by following protocol.

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